ROMICAL Energy Saving Light

A company specializing in manufacturing ROMICAL Energy Saving Light module that does its best to develop independent technology and improve quality

What is ROMICAL Energy Saving Light?

The most ideal next-generation light source that overcomes the technological limitations of existing OLEDs It is the world's first new technology that can reduce the power consumption of existing lighting by more than 60% with materials, a light source product for new materials.

    OLED Initial Sample

  • Energy saving (reducing power consumption of traditional lighting by more than 60%)
  • Breakthrough brightness (more than 200lm/W, more than twice that of LED light source)
  • Long life (over 70,000 hours)
  • No heat (no heat, no need for a heat sink)
  • Economical (Cost reduction of less than 1/3 of LED lighting)
  • Diversity of design (Available for curved surface processing by applying plastic and flexible glass substrates)
  • It is expected to be used in various fields of application including lighting products.

ROMICAL Energy Saving Light Technology

  • Energy loss of conventional OLED

    - In the existing OLED, only about 20% of the generated light is emitted.
    - A large number of photons are trapped within the device, which increases the device's temperature and reduces its efficiency.
  • How HL-OLED works

    - More than 50% of the generated light is emitted by letting the light trapped inside the device escape out of the device through the emitting layer.
    - Improves efficiency and device lifespan while greatly reducing heat generation.
  • HL-OLED vs. OLED

    It can focus light more efficiently by reducing the spread of light compared to conventional OLED by increasing straightness.
    Therefore, it is possible to effectively reduce the amount of energy and power required to illuminate the same space or the same area.

ROMICAL Energy Saving Light Competitiveness

  • Price
    - Since it is produced and supplied in the form of a light emitting module, there is no module processing cost such as SMT.
    - Reduced assembly and processing costs due to the simple lighting production process.
    - Most of the products are Bulb-type products, so existing luminaires can be used (reduction of installation cost)
  • Performance
    - No heat dissipation material required (semi-permanent lifespan)
    - Thin and light plastic case available (No metal material required)
    - Power consumption less than 60% of traditional lighting

ROMICAL Energy Saving Light Applications

  • Tunnel lights

  • Street lamp

  • Factory lights

  • Fishing lamp

  • Sports

  • Outdoor

  • Car

  • Interior
    (Aircraft Interior Lighting)

  • Medical
    (Operating Room)

  • Light