A company specializing in manufacturing ROMICAL Energy Saving Light module that does its best to develop independent technology and improve quality

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Romical Co., Ltd. is now preparing to take a new leap forward, and wants to step forward as a leading company in the global market.

Romical Co., Ltd. is now reborn.
We are about to showcase a new lighting technology with ROMICAL Energy Saving Light.
OLED lighting has many advantages, such as breakthrough brightness / long lifespan / low heat generation / low manufacturing cost / fast response speed / excellent design freedom.

It is the most ideal light source material that goes beyond the technological limits of existing OLED, and is the first new technology that can reduce power consumption of traditional lighting by more than 80%.

We will achieve a new era in energy saving in Korea, and furthermore, bring about an industrial revolution of light around the world to provide universal light.
ROMICAL Co., Ltd. will establish an unrivaled area as a company specializing in manufacturing ROMICAL Energy Saving Light light source modules, and show you more advanced light through ceaseless R&D.
To this end, based on a stable production base and technology, we will expand research manpower, establish a stable business environment, and focus on enhancing our image as a global company.

Romical Co., Ltd. will do its best to supply reliable light source modules to customers based on unparalleled technological prowess.

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